It’s almost one year and half that I’m living in Corsica, a French island, and I didn’t learn French at all; I will use my very first French setence to say goodbye to GoodBarber.
After one year and half working at Goodbarber today was my last day, so sad even if there was the Christmas party.
It has been an awesome period of my life, I met a lot of cool people, I enjoyed my work and I lived in this crazy island that someone calls paradise in the earth.

About the paradise in the earth: Corsica has its own cons being an island but is an awesome place, you can visit great places or do surf in December; a great paradise to live for some time, if you have the opportunity do it but never use the train!

Surf in Capo The awesome gift they made me, a surfboard with GoodBarber’s logo


About GoodBarber, is a cool company where I worked on challenging projects; but is not what I want to talk about.
There is an happiness atmosphere inside the office that makes your work much funnier; for that I want to thank all my co-worker and my Bosses.
The parties organized by @WM_Jerome are unforgettable, as well as @margauxdlabs’s music, especially in the daily meetings.

Thanks to @sergiomiranda2a to organize the weekly soccer game and to have been an honest adversary

but epsecially for his contagious happiness, it’s hard to believe he can be always so happy having to deal with Android’s fragmentation every day.

Android fragmentation

Special thanks to my team-mate @mathieuf, it has been a pleasure to work with him everyday; even if sometimes is a bit exagerated:

And finally thanks to @dsiacci, jeromegranados, @WM_Jerome and @fssimoni to made it possible, to have been always awesome with me and to have appreciate my work!
I can’t thank personally everyone because you are too much, but seriously thanks to all.

I will miss you all, I wish you the best and I hope our road will cross again in future.

Au revoir.