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Cross Platform Apps with UXKit

UXKit is a framework used in that attempt to port the UIKit APIs to OSX, as a replacement for AppKit. Will this framework allow us to write iOS and OSX Applications without duplicating code?

Au revoir!

It’s almost one year and half that I’m living in Corsica, a French island, and I didn’t learn French at all; I will use my very first French setence to say goodbye to GoodBarber.

UIViewControllers Transitions

More than one month after the first of three articles about Animated and Interactive Transitions in UIKit, I finally found the time to write the second (this) article. I will talk about something really interesting, UIViewController transitions, introcuded in iOS 7 and finally fixed in iOS 8.

UIView Interactive Animations

This is the first of three blog post talking about Interactive Transitions and Animations with UIKit; I will start with UIScrollView and gesture driven animations today, UIViewController and UICollectionView Transitions later.