Alex Manzella

Tech Lead @ Amie


github @MP0w

twitter @manzopower

About me

Born in 1991 and “Made in Italy”. I grew up in the iOS Jailbreak scene breaking stuff, exploring and learning.

In 2011 I received an iPhone 3GS from my parents, I was in love with it except it lacked a simple but BIG feature: Wallpapers. You could only have a black background. I started to look for ways to workaround this limitation and I discovered the Jailbreak.

From there I started to learn C and Objective-C, research how iOS and its frameworks are working internally and build and publish my own tweaks, it was a lot of fun, had quite good success and it quickly ended up becoming my job!

These days I do a bit of whatever is needed, mobile, web, backend and engineering leadership.

I’m motivated by technical challenges and software architecture. I'm focused on quality and love great UI/UX.

I'm interested in web3 and blockchains, mostly ethereum, not the scammy part: 99% of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, etc.... those are the equivalent of beer apps at the beginning of the App store